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Neuroscience Professor named an AAAS Fellow

Sarah Pallas, professor of neuroscience at Georgia State University’s Neuroscience Institute, was recently named as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a prestigious honor bestowed by her peers.
Fellows are recognized for meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications, according to the association. Pallas was nominated for not only her research on sensory system development and plasticity, but also her efforts regarding quality science education, especially in terms of teaching about evolution.
“It’s quite gratifying to be recognized by my fellow scientists for the research done in my lab,” Pallas said. “It is particularly nice that the many months spent on improvement of K-12 science teaching across the state of Georgia is recognized by the nation’s premier scientific society as an important contribution. I’d also like to acknowledge that my chair at the time, Dr. [P.C.] Tai and my Dean Dr. [Lauren] Adamson were quite supportive and helpful.”
Pallas has been active for more than over a decade in improving science education, especially in the light of numerous issues regarding the teaching of evolution in the state of Georgia, including the cases of inserting intelligent design into curriculums, the Cobb County textbook sticker case, and anti-evolution education legislation.
She has been quoted extensively by the news media about the teaching of evolution, and has also helped to design teacher training courses in evolutionary biology.