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Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Overview

The Neuroscience Institute runs the Brains and Behavior (B&B) Fellowship program for graduate students across many disciplines whose research contributes to the field of neuroscience. This program promotes collaboration between departments and supplements graduate level education here at Georgia State University through required activities such as the Spring Brains & Behavior retreat, the Brains and Behavior Distinguished Lecture series, meetings and more. For more information, visit our Neuroscience Events site or contact:

Ms. Liz Weaver, MS
Neuroscience Education Specialist

Fellowship Guidelines for Departments



Information for current students

B&B Fellows have the following requirements:

  1. Fellows must enroll in the B & B seminar course that is associated with the B & B lecture series for a full year at some point during their fellowship time. Students are encouraged to take this course more than once.
  2. Fellows must attend at least 80% of the B&B speaker series unless they have permission otherwise.
  3. Each Fellow must fill out an Annual Report that is due July 15th each year.

Fellows are eligible for the B&B award every year, please see below for details. B&B Fellows are encouraged to  join the GSU~BRAINS AND BEHAVIOR Facebook Group.

For budget related questions, please contact Tara Alexander.
Office: 404-413-5445
In person: 888 Petit Science Center

For all else, please contact Liz Weaver
Office: 404-413-5469
In person: 885 Petit Science Center



B & B Award

Fellows who are presenting their research at an upcoming conference as a first author or second author behind their principal investigator (PI) are eligible for B & B award up to $500*.

Select from one of the options below:

*Important Please Read*

*This award can not be split up between two separate conferences.