B&B Says ‘Farewell but Not Goodbye’ to IDC Chair Andrea Scarantino

Posted On June 20, 2017

As we wrap up the 2017 Fiscal Year, we say goodbye to Andrea Scarantino, Ph.D. as long-standing Brains & Behavior’s Interdisciplinary Committee Chair (pictured left at the 2017 Retreat). Andrea stepped off the IDC early this summer after 9 years of faithful and productive service to the B&B community. Andrea’s hard work, enthusiasm, and leadership… more »

Sakurai and Katz Rewire Slug Brains

Posted On June 6, 2017
Categories Research

Akira Sakurai and Paul Katz have rewired the neural circuit of one species and given it the connections of another species to test a hypothesis about the evolution of neural circuits and behavior.

Neurons are connected to each other to form networks that underlie behaviors. Neuroscience Institute faculty Akira Sakurai and Paul Katz study the… more »


Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship Award to Stephanie Hare

Posted On May 30, 2017
Categories Awards, Graduate Program

Stephanie Hare was recently awarded GSU’s Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship to support her dissertation research during her fifth year. The fellowship is designed to provide promising PhD candidates from across the university with support to complete their final milestone and requires applicants to work with their advisors to develop monthly goals and a feasible… more »


2017 Seed Grants Have Been Awarded

Posted On May 24, 2017

This year’s Seed Grant competition is complete and notification letters have now gone out. We were excited by the caliber of grants submitted and happy to announce the 2017 Seed Grant Awardees below (they can also be found online here).

This is the third year the B&B Seed Grant Review Process was different than in… more »

Neuroscience Faculty Angela Mabb Is Awarded a Whitehall Foundation Grant

The process of learning requires the making of new proteins, most particularly a set of proteins called immediate early genes. Immediate early genes are produced following diverse forms of learning. It is well known that immediate early genes are also broken down, however the significance of their breakdown in learning is unknown. Dr. Angela Mabb’s… more »

Keep Calm & March On!

Posted On May 5, 2017
Categories Community, Events, News

The April 22 Atlanta March for Science was a movement near and dear to the Neuroscience and B&B community’s heart, with many of our own participating.

Faculty, staff, and students from B&B and Neuroscience teamed up with the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association (NGSA) to make signs and march.

To keep the momentum and march on,… more »