Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS)

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TIME: 10-11am in 124 Petit Science Center

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Disorders of Consciousness: Neurotechnologies and Neuroethics
Location: 124 Petit Science Center
Host: Neil Van Leeuwen, Ph.D. B&B Philosophy Faculty

Selected Papers:

1. Neuroethics Review
2.Why Libet’s studies don’t pose a threat to free will
3.Agency and Intervention
4.Mind Reading, Lie Detection, and Privacy

A multisensory internal model of gravity and its role in spatial orientation
Location: 124 Petit Science Center
Host: Sarah Pallas, Ph.D. B&B Neuroscience Faculty

Selected Papers:
1. The brain compass. A perspective on how self-motion updates the head direction cell attractor.
2. Gravity orientation tuning in macaque anterior thalamus
3. Neural representation of orientation relative to gravity in the macaque cerebellum

Hearing and hair cell function

Location: TBD
Host: Andrey Shilnikov, Ph.D. B&B Neuroscience Faculty

Selected Papers:

Centennial Hall
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