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Doctoral Students

Dunham, Leslie
Wilczynski Lab  Fall 2006
"I chose Georgia State University and the Neuroscience Institute becasue of the strong focus on collaborative, innovative research on a wide range of topics utilizing diverse model systems."

Bruggeman, Emily
Xue Lab
"The Neuroscience Institute has a strong collaborative feel, which has been very advantageous to me."

Luckett, Cloe
Huhman Lab  Fall 2007

Weathington, Jill
Forger Lab  Spring 2008

Balmer, Timothy
Pallas Lab  Fall 2008
"The neuroscience institute facilitates collaboration between labs and individuals that are expert in complementary approaches in neuroscience including electrophysiology, computational modeling, molecular biology and behavior."

Sinkiewicz, David
Wilczynski Lab  Fall 2009

Tamvacakis, Arianna
Katz Lab  Fall 2009
"I chose GSU's Neuroscience Institute for the number of reasearch labs focused on the neural mechanisms underlying invertebrate as well as vertebrate behaviors."

Song, Eric
Albers Lab  Fall 2010
"I’ve been amazed by the enthusiasm and perseverance shown in researchers here for pursuing the truth behind their scientific questions. I like it here more than any other universities I’ve attended."

Deep Shukla Shukla, Deep
Carruth/Wilczynski Lab  Fall 2011

Garretson, Johnny
Bartness Lab  Fall 2011
Cheesman, Shauna
Carruth Lab  Fall 2012

Davis, Logan
Walthall Lab  Fall 2012
Fields, Christopher
De Vries Lab  Fall 2012
Latash, Elizaveta
Hopkins Lab  Fall 2012

Peters, Nicole
De Vries Lab  Fall 2012
Strahan, Alex
Forger Lab  Fall 2012
Terranova, Joe
Albers Lab  Fall 2012
Tottempudi, Mihika
Derby Lab  Fall 2012

Borland, John
Albers/DeVries Lab  Fall 2013

Hannapel, Reilly
Parent Lab  Fall 2013

Miller, Sarah
Derby Lab  Fall 2013

Whylings, Jack
DeVries/Forger/Cooke Lab  Fall 2013

Gunaratne, Charuni
Katz Lab   Fall 2007
"I chose the Neuroscience Institute for its strong foundation in the study of neural circuits underlying behavior and its location in Atlanta - a hub for neuroscience research."

Ogawa Henderson, Yoko
Parent Lab   Fall 2007
"Coming into GSU, one of the things I was most excited about was the range of opportunities to interact and collaborate with students and faculty from a wide range of disciplines."

Eidson, Lori
Murphy Lab   Fall 2008

Barnett, William
Cymbalyuk Lab   Fall 2009

Jeffress, Elizabeth
Huhman Lab   Fall 2009

"GSU and the Neuroscience Institute offer a diverse range of research models, collaboration and the opportunity for professional and personal growth."

Solomon-Lane, Tessa
Grober Lab   Fall 2009

Chung, Bryce
Clewley/Edwards Lab   Fall 2010
"There is a free flow of information and ideas at the Neuroscience Institute that is helping to build a very strong sense of community as well as a firm foundation upon which future research and innovations will take place."

McCann, Katharine
Huhman Lab   Fall 2010
"After looking at several graduate programs, I decided on GSU because of the collaborative nature of the Neuroscience Institute, the opportunity to work in the lab from my first day, and its location in the city of Atlanta, a great place for a young adult, both socially and professionally."

John McNeill McNeill, John
Albers Lab   Fall 2011
Jarod Collens Collens, Jarod
Edwards Lab   Fall 2011
Ciarochi, Jennifer
Frishkoff Lab   Fall 2012

Doyle, Hillary
Murphy Lab   Fall 2012

Kelley, Aaron
Shilnikov Lab   Fall 2012

Levy, Marisa
Petrulis Lab   Fall 2012
Pope, Sarah
Hopkins Lab   Fall 2012
Stuhrman, Katherine
Roseberry Lab   Fall 2012

Hanley, Margaret
Frantz Lab   Fall 2013

Hare, Stephanie
Vincent Lab   Fall 2013

Mudd, David
Pallas Lab   Fall 2013