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Giving News

A generous gift from Kenneth W. and Georganne F. Honeycutt will provide fellowships for doctoral students in the Neuroscience graduate program. Kenneth W. and Georganne F. Honeycutt Fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis to outstanding students who have passed their qualifying exam and are ready to advance to their dissertation work. These fellowships will supplement a student’s existing support in order to provide a competitive level of funding that will attract and retain high quality doctoral students.

Ken and Georganne Honeycutt are distinguished graduates of the Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business. Both received MBAs in 1980. They have two children, Claire and Graham. Their daughter Claire received a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech and Emory University. Through their daughter’s experience, they became interested in Neuroscience and gained an appreciation of the importance of private support for doctoral programs. Mr. and Mrs. Honeycutt wanted to ensure that their alma mater has the funding necessary to support outstanding neuroscience doctoral students, as a high quality graduate program is essential for recruiting top faculty and sustaining cutting-edge research in the sciences. The Kenneth W. and Georganne F. Honeycutt Fellowships will help Georgia State University compete with peer universities and elevate the status of both its graduate program and its research mission to that of an international leader in the field.

Supporting Neuroscience

It is an exciting time for the GSU Neuroscience Institute. We have moved the Institute into Georgia State University’s new Petit Science Center, a state-of-the-art research and teaching building that has become the location of some of GSU’s most exciting research and educational activities in the life sciences. We have established a new graduate program leading to a PhD in Neuroscience, and we have now started a new undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience. These new degree programs will significantly expand the opportunities of Georgia State students to become a part of a field at the cutting edge of science: the exploration of the brain. Our faculty are receiving national recognition for the quality of their research and the excellence of their teaching, and are moving into national leadership positions in the field. Our students are receiving awards at national conferences and moving on to positions in academics and industry. Our faculty and students together continue to engage in extensive educational outreach activities that bring the excitement of neuroscience to middle and high school students and help train the next generation of K-12 science teachers.

     Each year, the Neuroscience Institute provides financial support for over 35 graduate students and hosts educational activities open to many more. The Institute brings in distinguished speakers from around the world to teach our students and to forge research collaborations with our faculty. We provide research funds to GSU faculty and students to launch new research projects and professional development funds to our staff to help them continue their outstanding job in supporting a technically and administratively complex Institute such as ours. This work is funded by a combination of state funds, external grants and foundation awards, and through the generosity of individual donors. Please consider being a part of our work. Your donation will make a difference.