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Parent, Marise

Office: 820 Petit Science Center
Phone: (404) 413-6286

Biographical Information

Ph.D. University of Calinfornia, Irvine, 1993
Postdoctoral Training: University of Virginia
Joint Appointment: Dept. of Psychology

Research Description

Our research is aimed at understanding the relationship between memory and energy intake in laboratory rats. Our findings show that excess intake of fat and/or sugar impairs hippocampal-dependent memory function. In another line of research we have shown that manipulations that disrupt hippocampal function increase energy intake. These clinically relevant findings suggest that obesity is characterized by a vicious cycle wherein impaired hippocampal functioning is both a cause and consequence of overeating. Our findings are also important for our basic understanding of how cognitive processes such as memory regulate eating. 

Parent lab is composed of doctoral and undergraduate researchers conducting experiments examining the relationship between energy intake and memory in rodents. Our research typically involves obtaining behavioral measures of learning and memory, physiological measures of food intake, body weight, and body fat, as well as biochemical measures from brain, blood, and peripheral organs such as the liver. Please visit the lab website for more details

Grant Funding

Supported by the National Science Foundation (IOS 1121886)