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The research conducted by laboratories associated with the Neuroscience Institute span a wide range of areas. The institute is particularly strong in the following areas:

  • Neural Basis of Behavior: Understanding the mechanisms underlying the production of behavior is a major goal of much of the research in the institute. The neural basis of Social Behavior is the focus of the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN). Labs in the Neuroscience Institute are particularly strong in neuroendocrine approaches to behavior and neuroethological approaches.
  • Dynamical Systems: Activity in the nervous system is inherently dynamic. This field of study seeks to describe such activity using analytic and computational tools. Faculty interests include interests in oscillatory and synchronous activity.
  • Neurotherapeutics: One of the emerging fields at Georgia State University is the development of therapeutic interventions for neurological conditions and disease. This includes understanding mechanisms of plasticity and development that contribute to a functional heathy nervous system.
  • Neural Circuits: The synaptic interconnections of neurons form the basis of the nervous system. Research in the Neuroscience Institute is directed at understanding how networks of interacting neurons function as a system. The Center for Neuromics helps promote research focused on cellular aspects of the nervous system.