Seed Grants

Brains & Behavior Seed Grants promote research in neuroscience and behavior at Georgia State University.  Seed Grants are in amounts up to $30,000 for one calendar year and are intended to support research that will lead directly to the submission of an extramural research grant application. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged, although no longer required. The PI can be any tenured or tenure-track faculty at Georgia State University, provided they satisfy the new participation requirements, which are meant to insure that every B&B Seed Grant participant will be competitive as an extramural grant applicant.


General Annual Timeline for Seed Grants:

Call for Applications ~ January 4th

Applications Due ~ February 28th

Funding Period ~ July 1st – June 30th

Progress Reports Due ~ December after funding has ended.

2017 Seed Grant Awardees

  • Deb Baro- Biology- The role of HCN2 channel SUMOylation in chronic pain
  • Dan Cox- Neuroscience- Cellular and molecular mechanisms of multimodal sensory processing
  • Gennady Cymbalyuk- Neuroscience- Virtual intestine: Neuromechanical modeling of gut motility
  • Sharee Light- Psychology- Fronto-striatal correlates of empathy subtypes in clinically anhedonic individuals with depression
  • Marise Parent- Neuroscience- Preliminary data to support resubmission of RO1 application, “Hippocampal modulation of energy intake”
  • Dominic Parrott- PsychologyEstablishing a neurocognitive mechanism for the relation between trait disinhibition and physical aggression
  • Aaron Roseberry- Biology- VTA MC3Rs in the control of feeding and body weight
  • Jess Turner- Psychology- Translational validation of genetic factors in pre-diagnosis Huntington disease
  • David Washburn- Psychology- Training monkeys to self-restrain for studies of brain-behavior relations
  • Feng Yang- Kinesiology & Health- Effects of controlled whole-body vibration training in improving cognitive function in people with multiple sclerosis