Honors Program

The Honors College provides opportunities for outstanding students to add interesting and challenging dimensions to their undergraduate experience.

For more information on the Honors Program, see the Honors College website.

The Honors in Neuroscience Experience

Honors Neuroscience majors have the opportunity to engage in stimulating honors components to courses and participation in unique research opportunities.

  • Honors components to classes
    Many Neuroscience classes off additional experience with material to extend your knowledge beyond the standard material. For example, in NEUR 3000, Principles of Neuroscience, Honors students are paired with Neuroscience Institute graduate students to learn about the graduate student’s research and help to design a new experiment.
  • Honors research opportunities
    Honors Neuroscience majors have access to the University Assistantship Program that provides financial support for students to fully engage in a research experience. In addition, Honors Neuroscience majors have access to NEUR 4870, Honors Thesis: Research and NEUR 4880, Honors Thesis: Writing, as part of their coursework and research, distinguishing themselves from their peers.