2012 Seed Grants

  • Bradley Cooke- Neuroscience Linking Neural Plasticity to Social Behavior in the medial amygdala
  • Paul Katz- Neuroscience Comparative analysis of neural circuit dynamics
  • Matthew Grober- Biology The neuroendocrine regulation and fitness consequences of social aptitude
  • Laura Carruth- Neuroscience Early developmental stress and the avian brain
  • Charles Derby- Neuroscience Using laser capture to characterize the identity of cells in an olfactory stem cell niche
  • Anne Murphy- Neuroscience Impact of neonatal injury on stress responsive circuits in the rat
  • Vincent Rehder- Biology Small conductance potassium channels as a target for intrinsic NO regulation: cloning and mRNA expression
  • Gennady Cymbalyuk- Physics & Astronomy Multistability in the dynamics of neurons and neuronal networks