Seed Grants

Posted On May 12, 2014
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Congratulations to the 2014 Seed Grant Winners

Maged Henary


Development of dual purpose diagnostic and therapeutic agents for brain tumor treatment based on quadruplex DNA recognition and binding


Elliott Albers


Collection of preliminary data for the Silvio O. Conte centers for basic or translational mental health research proposal (Social behavior neural network coding and sex disparities in mental health)


Chuck Derby


Molecular characterization of chemoreceptor proteins in crustaceans through transcriptomics and in situ hybridization


Nancy Forger


The role of microglia in developmental neuronal cell death


Raj Sunderraman

Computer Science

Text-mining and databse tools for cognitive neuroscience


Donald Edwards


The role of reafference in crayfish posture and locomotion


Igor Belykh


Abnormal synchrony in evolving brain networks


Mukesh Dhamala

Physics & Astronomy

Neural basis of musical improvisation


Deb Baro


Creation of a crustacean microRNA database


Paul Katz


A novel approach for identifying ligands of orphaned receptors