B&B Alumni Spotlight: Stephen Estes, PhD

Our B&B Alumni Spotlight this Fall is Stephen Estes!

Stephen is a B&B Fellow Alum from the department of Biology. He finished his research with Dr. Vincent Rehder and was a very active member of the B&B community. Although we miss him greatly, he did give us an interview and update on what he has been doing since graduation.

What have you been up to since you graduated this past Summer?

“A lot of what I’ve been doing since defending/graduating is wrapping up a couple of papers from the Rehder lab and preparing for my position at the Shepherd Center. It hasn’t been all work and no play. I did manage to get away for a few days with the family for a mini vacation at Lake Hartwell prior to starting at Shepherd. Currently, I am learning the ins and outs of clinical research and preparing projects that identify non-invasive treatment options for treating spasticity in spinal cord injury patients.”

How did GSU prepare you for this position?

“GSU has played a large role in preparing me for my post doctoral position at the Shepherd Center. In general, GSU laid the groundwork for my understanding of the nervous system and how it functions at a cellular/molecular level. It also provided me with invaluable experience in grant writing and scientific project management that is critical for my current work. More specifically, my background in developmental/regenerative neurobiology (developed at GSU) translates well into studying treatments/interventions for spinal cord injury. Many of the problems that arise from spinal cord injury (SCI) include an over excitation of motor inputs. Having studied the nervous system at the cellular level using electrophysiology, I have an appreciation for the underlying mechanisms that orchestrate neuronal firing activity, which lends itself well for identifying possible treatment options for for SCI patients.”

What are your long term goals?

“My long term goals are currently wide open. As many people are well aware, science in America is undergoing rapid change and to be completely honest I don’t know where things will be for me in a few years. I am currently on the research scientist trajectory and will continue to follow it as far as it takes me; however, having chosen the Shepherd Center as my post doctoral position, my career options are open and range from a career scientist to a project manager or scientific consultant in industry. For now I will just have to see how the data falls and adjust my life goals/trajectory accordingly.”

Thanks Stephen & keep in touch!