B&B Alumni Spotlight: Jason Jiang, PhD

B&B Alumni Spotlight to ring in the New Year is Jason Jiang. Jason was a Fellow in the Chemistry department from 2011-2012 where he studied with Dr. Jenny Yang. After graduation, Jason took a post doc at Harvard Medical School. He currently resides in Boston, MA and continues work in biochemistry and immunochemistry.

What have you been up to since you graduated in 2012?

After my graduation, I relocated to Harvard Medical School to continue my research career.

How did GSU prepare you for this position?

I learned most of the techniques I need in my daily research from GSU. Also, during my study in GSU, my study attitude and my life discipline were markedly improved. I was also well equipped with knowledge of science. Thanks to GSU.

What are your long term goals?

I would like stick to scientific research in either academic institutions or industry.

What do you like to do in Boston in your off time?

Hiking, Fishing, and Beach