B&B 2017 Scholars Have Been Announced

Posted On May 5, 2017
Categories Brains & Behavior

Brains & Behavior is excited to announce the 2017 Undergraduate Summer Scholars.


Sara Abdullah Eyal Aharoni’s Lab Neuroscience
William Bell Anne Murphy’s Lab Neuroscience
Brett Daniel Kyle Frantz’s Lab Neuroscience
Lindsey Green Robert Latzman’s Lab Psychology
Sarah Johnson Gennady Cymbalyuk’s Lab Physics
Kendrick King Jessica Turner’s Lab Neuroscience
Joshua Lott Dan Cox’s Lab Neuroscience
Kali Malham Kim Huhman’s Lab Neuroscience
Meira Robbins Aras Petrulis’ Lab Neuroscience
Elara Ruszkowski Nancy Forger’s Lab Neuroscience
James Scully Andrey Shilnikov’s Lab Math & Stat
Grace Signiski Geert de Vries’ Lab Neuroscience
Shea Sparks Manfred Schmidt & Charles Derby’s Lab Neuroscience
Caleb Truscott Sarah Brosnan’s Lab Psychology
Sophie Yount Huanbiao Mo’s Lab Nutrition
Janavi Ramesh Marise Parent’s Lab Neuroscience


The B&B Summer Scholars Program provides summer fellowships to selected GSU undergraduates to support their research efforts in faculty laboratories.

The Scholars Program is happy to announce its continuing partnership with the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) for summer professional development and a poster session.
Details on these events coming soon!