2017 Seed Grants Awarded

Posted On May 24, 2017

This year’s Seed Grant competition is complete and notification letters have now gone out. We were excited by the caliber of grants submitted and happy to announce the 2017 Seed Grant Awardees below (they can also be found online here).

This is the third year the B&B Seed Grant Review Process was different than in years past and we are happy to report that the process was again smoother and more efficient than in year’s past. We would like to give a special thanks to the Ad Hoc committee and this year’s chair, Vincent Rehder (Biology).

2017 Seed Grant Awardees

    • Deb Baro- Biology– The role of HCN2 channel SUMOylation in chronic pain
    • Dan Cox- Neuroscience– Cellular and molecular mechanisms of multimodal sensory processing
    • Gennady Cymbalyuk- Neuroscience– Virtual intestine: Neuromechanical modeling of gut motility
    • Sharee Light- Psychology– Fronto-striatal correlates of empathy subtypes in clinically anhedonic individuals with depression
    • Marise Parent- Neuroscience– Preliminary data to support resubmission of RO1 application, “Hippocampal modulation of energy intake”
    • Dominic Parrott- Psychology– Establishing a neurocognitive mechanism for the relation between trait disinhibition and physical aggression
    • Aaron Roseberry– Biology– VTA MC3Rs in the control of feeding and body weight
    • Jessica Turner- Psychology– Translational validation of genetic factors in pre-diagnosis Huntington disease
    • David Washburn- Psychology– Training monkeys to self-restrain for studies of brain-behavior relations
    • Feng Yang- Kinesiology & Health– Effects of controlled whole-body vibration training in improving cognitive function in people with multiple sclerosis