Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship to Stephanie Hare

Posted On May 30, 2017
Categories Awards, Graduate Program

Stephanie Hare was recently awarded GSU’s Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship to support her dissertation research during her fifth year. The fellowship is designed to provide promising PhD candidates from across the university with support to complete their final milestone and requires applicants to work with their advisors to develop monthly goals and a feasible timeline for completion (within 12 months of the fellowship start date). Steph was one of seven applicants selected for the 2017-2018 funding cycle.

Steph is writing her dissertation on abnormal network communication in schizophrenia, and aims to delineate links between disrupted patterns of functional brain communication and specific symptoms such as hallucinations. For more information on her research, check out her homepage.

“I’m happy and grateful to have this support during my final year at GSU. In addition to the monetary support, we meet up with the other fellowship recipients during the semester and can discuss both successes and challenges that arise along the way. I’m anticipating that this will be really helpful.”