Call for 2018 Seed Grants!

Posted On January 31, 2018
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We are happy to announce that the new 2018 Seed Grant Application is now available.

The deadline this year is earlier than in year’s past: February 28th, 2018.

Brains & Behavior Seed Grants aim to promote research in neuroscience and behavior at Georgia State University. Projects can focus primarily on neuroscience or primarily on behavior or combine neuroscience and behavior, to reflect the diversity of scholarship of B&B departments. Seed Grants are in amounts up to $30,000 for one calendar year (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) and are intended to support research that will lead directly to the submission of an extramural research grant application. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged, although no longer required.

The PI can be any tenured or tenure-track faculty at Georgia State University, provided they satisfy the participation requirements specified in the application, which are meant to insure that every B&B seed grant participant will be competitive as an extramural grant applicant (and that folks do not win seed grants back to back year after year, to ensure a more equitable distribution of opportunities).

We want to thank Vincent Rehder (Biology) for having so aptly chaired the ad hoc B&B Seed Grant committee last year. Thanks Vincent for the terrific job you did!

The new chair for this year’s competition is Aaron Roseberry (Biology), who has gracefully accepted to run the competition.