Neuroscience Major Shea Sparks Wins GSURC 2018 Poster Award

Congratulations to Shea Sparks, a major in the Neuroscience program, for winning the 2nd place poster award in the Natural Sciences in this year’s Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference (GSURC). After blazing through her early BS studies, Shea started working as undergraduate research assistant with Manfred Schmidt and Charles Derby in the spring of 2017. She got involved in an ongoing research project to identify and localize receptor proteins that mediate chemoreception in decapod crustaceans, which include clawed and spiny lobsters, crabs, crayfish, and shrimp. This research contributes to filling a knowledge gap in understanding the evolutionary origin of the differentiation of chemoreception into taste and smell in terrestrial animals.  This year marks two other milestones for Shea: she is a co-author on an upcoming publication, and she moves into the MS phase of the BS/MS Neuroscience 4+1 program.