B&B Scholar Aviva Gars Wins Summer Research Symposium’s Best Poster

B&B Scholar Aviva Gars from the Forger Lab won Best Poster at the 2019 Summer Research Symposium on Aug 7.

1st place: Aviva Gars (Forger Lab) B&B

2nd Place: Tobi Quadri (King Lab) SLOAN

3rd Place: Jody Finch (Latzman Lab) B&B

4th Place: Kamal Hughes (Glover Lab) IMSD

The symposium was presented by the Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni (CASA), the Brains & Behavior Program (B&B), and the Humanities Inclusivity Program (HIP) at Georgia State University.

Almost 40 talented undergraduate researchers made poster presentations in STEM-related disciplines, as supported by two programs with the National Institutes of Health (IMSD, MARC), two programs funded with state resources (Brains & Behavior, Perimeter Summer Research Assistants), and a pilot project with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  We also heard oral presentations by more than ten students conducting research in the humanities, supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to create the Humanities Inclusivity Program (HIP) at Georgia State.

During our opening remarks, we were delighted to have Vonetta Dotson, Ph.D., from the Department of Psychology present on Finding and Keeping Your Research Passion. In addition, IMSD program alumna Kimberly Diaz Perez returned from her Ph.D. Program at Emory to discuss Making a Change While Thinking Ahead.