Important Message from the Neuroscience Faculty

Posted On June 11, 2020
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From the Neuroscience Core Faculty to our Students, Staff and other Colleagues:

In the midst of a national movement that is once again bringing to light the inexcusable pain inflicted upon Black people in this country, the faculty of the Neuroscience Institute want our entire community to know that we recognize and condemn the shameful history of systemic racism in American institutions, including those of higher learning. We acknowledge that our faculty, while diverse in some respects, does not fully reflect the diversity of our other colleagues and students. Each one of us is personally committed to becoming a better ally and working to end the racial prejudice and inequity endemic in our society. We are also committed to developing a more diverse faculty, aligning with the University’s priority in establishing best practices for hiring diverse faculty.

Black lives matter. People of color suffer indignities both small and large every day. While we would all like to think that the scientific community and academia are exceptions to the places these indignities occur, the uncomfortable truth is that they are not. The Neuroscience Institute strives to create a community in which every member feels supported and appreciated, and we are not there yet. We will establish a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to help coordinate and implement concrete steps towards this goal in the coming weeks and months, and we will not stop working until every person in our community is able to share in the feelings of inclusion and support that we have been privileged to experience.

As an immediate first step, we want to listen to you. Please reach out individually to any member of the Neuroscience Institute faculty if you are comfortable doing so, or use this link to share your thoughts, feelings, or suggestions with us. We are ready to listen, and we are ready to make changes.