B&B Neuro Faculty Laura Carruth makes GSU 2020 Hall of Fame

B&B Neuro Faculty Laura Carruth makes the GSU 2020 Hall of Fame for her incredible response to the challenges of the 2020 pandemic. https://provost.gsu.edu/champions/
According to the office of the provost, as Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), Laura took on a massive load with planning and delivering Mastering Online Teaching (MOT) sessions for nearly 3000 instructors in Spring and Summer 2020. As a result, GSU instructors are far better prepared to develop and teach online classes. The improved quality of course design and instruction will enhance learning experiences for students. In addition, Laura contributed substantially to the Keep Teaching plan for Fall and has remained available to help instructors with their questions and concerns regarding the blended learning model.
Great job Laura!