Neuroscience Institute

NI_doorThe Neuroscience Institute at Georgia State University supports research and education focused on understanding the structure and function of the nervous system. It acts as an independent academic department consisting of 20 tenured and tenure-track faculty members who serve as “core” faculty. In addition, the Neuroscience Institute includes over 50 “associate” and “affiliate” faculty who engage in research and teaching in neuroscience and neuroscience-related disciplines in many different departments across the university. These additional faculty and the Institute’s partnerships with their home departments provide the Neuroscience Institute with a diverse, interdisciplinary perspective to its research and educational programs, and help it fulfill its mission of supporting neuroscience across Georgia State University.

The Neuroscience Institute oversees the Neuroscience Graduate Program, which offers doctoral degrees in neuroscience. Both core and associate faculty participate in graduate training under this program, providing students with a wide range of training opportunities. The Institute also offers an undergraduate major leading to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Neuroscience, and most recently we have added  a dual degree option, in which undergrads can earn a BS and Masters in Neuroscience.

To fulfill its interdepartmental mission, the Neuroscience Institute serves as the administrative home for the Brains & Behavior Area of Focus. The B&B Graduate Fellows program supports graduate students in seven departments at GSU in addition to the Institute’s Neuroscience Graduate Program, and its Undergraduate Scholars Program provides summer stipends to undergraduates working in neuroscience labs across campus. The B&B Program also awards yearly competitive seed grants to faculty engaged in neuroscience research, and supports a Distinguished Lecture Series as well as other activities to enrich neuroscience research and training across the GSU campus.