Message from the Director

Welcome to the website of the Neuroscience Institute!
The Neuroscience Institute (NI) was founded in 2008 and comprises 21 Core Faculty housed in the Petit Science Center, and over 50 Associate Faculty across 13 departments on campus. Collectively, our research addresses the development, structure and function of the nervous system. Neuroscience is a rapidly expanding field, and the NI is uniquely positioned to contribute to it.

The field of Neuroscience is enthusiastically multidisciplinary, as is the NI. ‘Associate’ faculty can be found in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Law, Math & Statistics, Music, Nursing, Education, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Physical Therapy, Physics & Astronomy, Global Studies & Sociology, and Psychology. These faculty work on basic neuroscience questions as well as on medical and societal issues. Interdepartmental collaborations are promoted through workshops, retreats, and grants administered by the Brains & Behavior Area of Focus. Through its core and associate faculty, the NI is constantly exploring new avenues in education and research.

Educational Programs
Our undergraduate program offers a BS in Neuroscience, as well as a Dual Degree in Neuroscience, which allows students to earn both a BS and an MS in five years. The Neuroscience major was started in 2011, and over 400 undergraduates are currently enrolled. In 2016, the National Institutes of Health funded a new program run by NI faculty and staff, Initiative for Maximizing Student Development, that provides intensive research experience and mentoring for undergraduates preparing for careers in biomedical research.

The graduate program has also seen strong growth; started in 2010, we now have over 50 doctoral students working towards PhDs in Neuroscience. This past year, two of our PhD students received prestigious awards from the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Mental Health.

Research Funding
The NI has seen a strong increase in funding in recent years. For example, grant dollars administered by the NI and Center for Behavioral Neuroscience have increased from $1.53 M in fiscal year 2011 to over $5.5 M in 2017. This number is substantially higher if all NI-associated faculty are considered. Many are multi-PI grants, reflecting the spirit of collaboration in the NI.

Community and Beyond
The NI provides valuable service to the community and beyond. NI faculty and staff, for example, run a highly successful  program for high school students and teachers from the Atlanta region. NI faculty members also serve in other significant ways, for example by chairing international conferences, serving as officers in national and international societies, or as board members of scientific organizations. All these activities combine to make the NI an important contributor to the University’s strategic plan to bring GSU to the next level of excellence in education and research.