This is Giving

The Neuroscience Institute is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! In that relatively short time, we have given birth to both a graduate program in Neuroscience, issuing Masters and PhD degrees, and an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.  We now have over 50 graduate and 400 undergraduate students, and faculty participation across 17 departments.

We truly have a lot to celebrate and could not have done it without students like you with a passion for the brain.  Each student and each degree granted has been significant to us, and we have enclosed a special “This is TEN” issue of the Potential (a publication of the Brains and Behavior Program) to thank you for being a part of our history!  I hope that you enjoy reading about the past, present and future of the Neuroscience Institute.

Please also consider a donation to our This is TEN campaign.   These funds are our sole source of revenue for undergraduate development, graduate professional development, recruitment, poster sessions and other social events. If you have ever participated in one of these events, you know how much this can mean to current students and we urge you to “give forward.”

Click HERE .Thank you again for your contribution our first decade of success.