Brains & Behavior Fellowship

The Neuroscience Institute runs the Brains and Behavior (B&B) Fellowship program for graduate students across many disciplines whose research contributes to the field of neuroscience. This program promotes collaboration between departments and supplements graduate level education here at Georgia State University.

Click here for a list of Fall 2020 Fellows

B&B Fellow Requirements:

  • Fellows must enroll in the B&B Seminar course that is associated with the B&B lecture series for a full year. Students are encouraged to take this course more than once.
  • Fellows, even if they are not currently enrolled in the course mentioned above, must attend at least 80% of the B&B lecture series unless they have permission otherwise.
  • Fellows must attend the B&B Annual Retreat.
  • Fellows must fill out an Annual Report that is due July 15th each year.
  • For other departmental guidelines, regarding the Fellowship, please see the Approved Guidelines for B&B Fellowships.

Optional ways for B&B Fellows to get involved:

If you are interested in a B&B Fellowship, speak with your advisor and ask whether you are eligible. He/she will discuss with the chair of your department whether that is a possibility.


If you have any questions, please contact B&B Associate Director, Liz Weaver

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