Brains & Behavior is administratively run by the Neuroscience Institute but has its own structure, budget, and programs. Please see below for information about the program details and whom to contact if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Please feel free to browse our Annual Report.

Jacqueline Laures-Gore, PhD Educational Psychology CHAIR
Elliott Albers, PhD Neuroscience
Sarah Brosnan, PhD Psychology
Andrey Shilnikov, PhD Neuroscience
Dan Weiskopf, PhD Philosophy

If you are a faculty member with questions, concerns, or would like to report news, please contact the B&B ambassador within your department.

Biology - Vincent Rehder, PhD
Chemistry - Jenny Yang, PhD
Computer Science - Xiaolin Hu, PhD
Math - Igor Belykh, PhD
Neuroscience - Angela Mabb, PhD
Philosophy - Daniel Weiskopf, PhD
Physics -Vadym Apalkov, PhD
Psychology - Tricia King, PhD

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