Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS)

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10-11am in either 124 Petit Science Center or Speakers Auditorium

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Title: Smooth muscle physiology and neural rhythms

Location: Speaker's Auditorium
Host: Gennady Cymbalyuk, Ph.D. B&B Neuroscience Faculty

Selected Papers:
1. Interstitial cells- Review.
2. Inhibitory regulation of ICC-DMP.
3. Clusting of Ca2+ transients.
4. Temporal sequence of activation of cells involved in purinergic neurotransmission in the colon.

Title: Primate brain evolution

Location: Speaker's Auditorium
Host: David Washburn, Ph.D. B&B Psychology Faculty

Selected Papers:
1. Brain plasticity and human evolution
2. Are we wired differently?
3. A cerebellar substrate for cognition evolved multiple times independently in mammals

Centennial Hall
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DLS 2017-2018 Archive

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