Summer Scholars Program

The B&B Summer Scholars Program provides summer fellowships to selected GSU undergraduates to support their research efforts in faculty laboratories.

This year, our summer cohort will engage in distance learning via interactive virtual training workshops centered on their professional development in our new program Going the Distance.

Going the Distance: A Virtual Workshops Series on Professional Development

Researchers and program leaders here at Georgia State University are offering other Program Directors this curriculum for a virtual workshop series on professional development for undergraduate researchers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.  The effort is motivated by shared goals to maintain student progress toward independent research careers despite the COVID19 pandemic.

The program’s Leadership Team is powered by 75 combined years of education and training experience, with focus on recruitment and retention of students from underrepresented groups.  And we are strengthened by nationally-recognized leaders serving on an External Advisory Board and providing video-content for the workshops.

Sample assignments and overviews are posted as PDFs here.  New samples will be added daily through May 8.  If you are a program director interested in this curriculum, use these samples to decide about jumping on board the workshop series.

Prospective B&B Scholars are required to:

  • Have a 3.0 GPA or better.
  • Be current GSU undergraduates in good standing.
  • Can not be graduating before the program begins.
  • Be already engaged in research with a B&B faculty member.
  • Have a B&B faculty nomination.
  • B&B Scholars will engage in weekly professional development workshops.

FAQs for new Virtual Summer Program

  • The PI should submit the application for their students(s) for this program.
  • Each summer scholarship will pay $10.42 per hour, and will require approximately 10 hours (compared to previous 20 hour weeks) of remote professional development work per week for 12 weeks (May 18 – August 7), which totals approximately ~$1250 over 12 weeks.
  • Note that these 2020 scholarship awards are half the weekly hours and pay compared to prior years.
  • They are offered with the same conditions as the University Scholars program and the additional provision that they would support undergraduate online professional development workshops.
  • Scholars must be in a B&B faculty member's laboratory for work related to neuroscience and/or behavior (or must have been prior the shut-down).
  • Students will have to log hours remotely.
  • The aforementioned 10 hours/week are all professional development and not research related. If your undergrad is continuing to work remotely for your lab and would like to be paid in addition to the professional development portion of this program, please email Liz Weaver and we can attempt to work some of those hours into the program.
  • The final capstone literature review will require students to complete a review of their lab's research area and will be due at the end of the summer. The PI will be the guidepost and mentor for this project. More details soon.
  • Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Current B&B Scholars

  1. Kenki Velenzona Cabahug (Forger) NEURO
  2. Ari McNeil (Forger) NEURO
  3. Kathryn Whitley (Parent) NEURO
  4. Adaugo Okpareke (Parent) NEURO
  5. Sydney Ross (Murphy) NEURO
  6. Malika Pandit (Murphy) NEURO
  7. Jade Christman (Petrulis) NEURO
  8. Kelsey Clark (Yang) KINESIOLOGY
  9. Myah Vogt (Beran) PSYCH
  10. Isbah Nasir (Carruth) NEURO
  11. Shivaanii Uma (Carruth) NEURO
  12. Savitha Narayanaswa (King) PSYCH
  13. Nitheyaa Shree (Mabb) NEURO
  14. Sara Correa (Derby) NEURO
  15. Jais Matta (Cox) NEURO
  16. Natoli Bora (Frantz) NEURO
  17. Doyal Datta (Frantz) NEURO
  18. Praful Gade (Anderson) PSYCH
  19. Caitlin Ray (Laures-Gore) COMMUNICATION SCI & DISORDERS