Spineless Neuroscience Forum

This is an informal venue for faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates from any university in the Atlanta area who are interested in discussing the dynamics of neural systems in the broadest sense (not solely invertebrate physiology), especially involving ethology, biomechanics, physiology, bioinformatics, and dynamical systems modeling. In Atlanta, we have a particular concentration of researchers interested in this field who benefit from getting together periodically to discuss their research results and techniques. The format of our meetings is very flexible, but often involves shorter-format informal presentations (20 or 40 mins) that encourage both specific and broader discussion afterward. To do this, presentations should focus on interesting observations and questions arising in a lab’s work while it is still in progress, and pose some open-ended points for discussion.

The Spineless Neuroscience Forum generally meets the last Friday of each month at 10:00-11:00 am
See the Events calendar for upcoming Spineless Neuroscience Forum meetings

124 Petit Science Center, Georgia State University

Visitor parking is available at decks N, K, S, M, and G, when space is available. Decks N, K, and S are closest to the Petit Science Center.

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