Spineless Neuroscience Archive

Here are the previous talks from the Spineless Neuroscience Forum:

Spring 2015

January 30 – Daniel Cox
“Systems Neuroscience Driven Exploration of Dendrite Development and Nociceptive Behavior”

February 27 – Eva Fischer
“Flexibility and constraint in the evolution of gene expression and behavior”
Dept of Biology, Colorado State University

March 27 – Richard Francis Campbell
“Isoforms, transcription, and differentiation of GABAergic motor neurons in C. elegans”
William Walthal’s Lab., GSU

Fall 2014

Sept 26 – Liana Artinian
“Intracellular calcium release from ryanodine channels controls regenerative spiking in Helisoma B5 neurons”
Vincent Rehder’s Lab, GSU

Oct 24 Adriano Senatore
“The next-gen sequencing era: Accelerating insights into how the neuromuscular system evolved.” Paul Katz Lab, GSU

Nov 21 Bryce Chung, J. Collens, and R. Clewley
“Mechanisms of Pathological Phenotypes in a Mouse Myocyte Model.”

Spring 2014

Feb 14  – William Walthall
“Neuromuscular Junction Development in C. elegans: Roles for Nature and Nurture”

March 7   – Daniel Kueh (Calabrese Lab, Emory) and William Barnett (Cymbalyuk Lab, GSU)
“The role of the Na+/K+ pump in motor pattern generation: Experiments and Modeling”

May 2  – Peter Wenner
“Synaptic scaling: Does it actually regulate spiking homeostatically?”

Fall 2013

Sept 6 – Donald Edwards
“The Role of Reafference in Posture and Locomotion Studied with a Brain-Computer Interface”

Oct 4  – Alexander Klishko
“Stabilization of cat paw trajectory during locomotion”  Boris Prilutsky’s Lab, GaTech

Nov 1 – Timothy Balmer
“Visual experience regulates plasticity in developing visual circuits through plasticity in GABA mediated synaptic transmission” Sarah Pallas’s Lab, GSU