The Neuroscience Institute draws upon expertise in many disciplines across Georgia State. “Core” faculty have their primary appointments in the Neuroscience Institute and are located together in the Institute’s offices and labs in the Petit Science Center. “Associate” faculty have their primary appointments in other departments and are located across the GSU campus. They participate in Institute activities and contribute in a variety of ways to the research and educational activities of the Institute as well as to neuroscience-related activities in their home departments. Associate faculty are also part of the graduate faculty for the Neuroscience doctoral program, and like Core faculty, can serve as supervisors for graduate students in that program.

Albers, ElliottAlbers, Elliott
Psychopharmacology; Behavioral Neuroscience; Social Behavior; Vasopressin
Black, MichaelBlack, Michael
Social Interactions; Neuroethology; Behavioral Neuroscience; Neuroendocrinology
Carruth, LauraCarruth, Laura
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology; Science Education
Chassaing, BenoitChassaing, Benoit
Intestinal Microbiota; Inflammation; Diet/Microbiota Interactions; Gut/Brain Axis
Cox, DanielCox, Daniel
Developmental Neuroscience; Behavioral Neuroscience; Genetics; Neurogenomics; Epigenetics; Drosophila
Cymbalyuk, GennadyCymbalyuk, Gennady
Neural Circuits; Dynamical Systems; Central Pattern Generators
Cymbalyuk Lab
Derby, CharlesDerby, Charles
Sensory Biology; Chemical Senses; Neuroethology
Derby Lab
de Vries, Geertde Vries, Geert
Neuroendocrinology; Behavioral Neuroscience; Developmental Neurobiology
de Vries Lab
Forger, NancyForger, Nancy
Neuroendocrinology; Developmental Neurobiology; Sex Differences
Forger Lab
Frantz, KyleFrantz, Kyle
Behavioral Neuroscience; Psychopharmacology
Hamm, JordanHamm, Jordan
Neural circuits; schizophrenia; two-photon microscopy
Hamm Lab
Hopkins, WilliamHopkins, William
Cognitive Neuroscience; Neurobiology of Language; Evolution of Hemispheric Specialization
Huhman, KimHuhman, Kim
Behavioral Neuroscience; Neuroendocrinology
Huhman Lab
Mabb, AngelaMabb, Angela
Molecular Neuroscience; Neurological Disorders
Mabb Lab
Murphy, AnneMurphy, Anne
Sex and Age Differences in Analgesia
Murphy Lab
Normandin, JosephNormandin, Joseph
Behavioral Neuroscience; Neuroendocrinology
allas, SarahPallas, Sarah
Developmental Neurobiology; Neural Plasticity; Visual and Auditory Neurophysiology
Pallas Lab
Parent, MariseParent, Marise
Behavioral Neuroscience; Neurobiology of Learning and Memory; Energy Homeostasis
Parent Lab
Petrulis, ArasPetrulis, Aras
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology; Social Neuroscience; Chemical Communication
Petrulis Lab
Schmidt, ManfredSchmidt, Manfred
Adult Neurogenesis; Sensory Systems; Crustaceans
Shilnikov, AndreyShilnikov, Andrey
Dynamical Systems; Mathematical Neuroscience; Bifurcation Theory
Shilnikov Lab
Shreckengost, JacobShreckengost, Jacob
Science Education; Network Function of Spinal Cord
Stern, JavierStern, Javier
Neuroscience; Neuroendocrinology; Physiology
Weyhenmeyer, JamesWeyhenmeyer, James, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
Wilczynski, WalterWilczynski, Walter
Social Neuroscience, Neuroethology, Behavioral Endocrinology

Aharoni, EyalAharoni, Eyal
Psychology, Philosophy
Emotion and Decision Making; Moral, Legal, and Forensic Psychology; Neurolaw; Retribution and Punishment; Psychopathy and Antisocial Behavior
Aharoni Lab
Pimentel-Alarcón, DanielPimentel-Alarcón, Daniel
Computer Science
Machine Learning; Signal Processing; Optimization; Statistics; Algebraic Geometry; Data Science
Dr. Pimentel-Alarcón's Site
Anderson, PageAnderson, Page
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders; Clinical Outcome Research; Virtual Reality; Culture and Anxiety
Baro, DeborahBaro, Deborah
Cellular; Molecular Biology and Physiology Research Group; Monamine Signal Transduction
Baro Lab
Saeid BelkasimBelkasim, Saeid
Computer Science
Pattern Recognition; Digital Image Processing
Dr. Saeid's Site
Igor BelykhBelykh, Igor
Mathematics and Statistics
Engineering and Applied Mathematics; Biological and Engineering Networks; Locomotion; Vibrations and Control
Dr. Belykh's Site
Beran, MichaelBeran, Michael
Comparative Cognition; Numerical Cognition; Self-Control and Behavioral Inhibition; Prospective Memory; Metacognition; Primate Cognition; Perception; Decision-Making
Bondarenko, VladimirBondarenko, Vladimir
Computer Science
Dynamical Systems; Neuronal And Cardiac Cell Models; Neural Networks; Models Of Cardiac Arrhythmias; Ion Channel Models
Dr. Bondarenko's Site
Brosnan, SarahBrosnan, Sarah
Psychology, Philosophy
Economic Decision Making Behavior in Primates; Social Cognition; Evolution of Behavior; Inequity Responses; Cooperation; Social Comparison; ‘Irrational’ Behaviors
Dr. Brosnan's Site
Butler, Andrew JohnButler, Andrew John
Physical Therapy, School of Nursing and Health Professions
Volitional Movement; Motor Learning; and Organized Motor Behavior in the Human Brain
Conway, ChristopherConway, Christopher
Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning and Language; Atypical Language Development; Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERP); Cognitive Training
NeuroLearn Lab
PlaceholderCrosson, Bruce
Language; Rehabilitation; and Aging
Dhamala, MukeshDhamala, Mukesh
Physics and Astronomy
Neural Mechanisms of Human Decision-Making; Epileptic Seizures; Brain Restoration After Stroke and Rehabilitative Treatments; and Neuronal Network Oscillations and Synchronization.
Dr. Dhamala's Site
Dix, RichardDix, Richard
Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry; Cellular; Molecular Biology and Physiology; Molecular Genetics / Neuro-Biology; Ocular Virology and Immunology
Dotson, VonettaDotson, Vonetta
Clinical Neuropsychology; Cognitive Neuroscience of Depression; Aging
Firat, Renging B.Firat, Renging B.
Global Studies Institute, Sociology
Social Psychology; Values and Morality; Well-Being; Social Neuroscience
Dr. Firat's Site
Germann, MarkusGermann, Markus
DNA Damage; Unusual DNS Constituents; HIV-RNA Binding Zinc Fingers; RNA Structure
PlaceholderGoode, Christopher
Teaching; Early Research's Effects on Student Success
Hilliard, JuliaHilliard, Julia
Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry; Cellular Molecular Biology and Physiology; Molecular Genetics/Cell Physiology
Hu, XiaolinHu, Xiaolin
Computer Science
Modeling and Simulation; Agent and Multi-Agent Systems; Complex Systems Science; Modeling Methodology; Simulation-Based Design
Dr. Hu's Site
Jiang, ChunJiang, Chun
Cellular; Molecular Biology and Physiology; Neurobiology and Behavior
Dr. Jiang's Site
Johnson, Casonya MateseJohnson, Casonya Matese
Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry; Cellular Molecular Biology and Physiology; Neurobiology and Behavior; Post-Embryonic Functions for bHLH Transcription Factors in Regulating Tissue Morphogenesis; Reproduction; and Fat/Iron Metabolism
King, TriciaKing, Tricia
Clinical Neuropsychology
Kleider-Offutt, HeatherKleider-Offutt, Heather
Eyewitness Memory; False Memory and Memory Suggestibility; Face Recognition; Heuristic Recollection Processes and Stereotyping as it Relates to Memory Error
Kleider-Offutt Lab
Latzman, RobertLatzman, Robert
Temperament/Personality; Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience; Nonhuman Primate Models of Personality and Psychopathology; (Dis)inhibitory and Regulatory Processes; Personality Pathology; Developmental Psychopathology; Externalizing Behaviors
Latzman Lab
Laures-Gore, JacquelineLaures-Gore, Jacqueline
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Education
Aphasia; Dysarthria; Stress (Physiological and Psychological); Speech-Language Pathology
Light, ShareeLight, Sharee
Clinical Neuropsychological and Psychological Evaluation of Adults; Psychological Disorders Such as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Schizophrenia
Tone, ErinTone, Erin
Developmental and Clinical Neuropsychology; Mood and Anxiety Disorders Across the Lifespan; Gender; Emotion Processing (fMRI and Behavioral Studies)
McClymond, KathrynMcClymond, Kathryn
Religious Studies
Ritual Studies; Moral Injury; Comparative Study of Religion (Specializations in Hinduism, Judaism)
Mo, HuanbiaoMo, Huanbiao

Molkov, YaroslavMolkov, Yaroslav
Mathematics and Statistics
Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
Dr. Molkov's Site
Morris, RobinMorris, Robin
Developmental and Clinical Neuropsychology; Developmental Dyslexia; Reading and Attention Related Disabilities; Acquired Brain Injury; Neurogenetic Disorders
Nahmias, EddyNahmias, Eddy
Philosophy of Mind; Psychology; Neuroscience; Moral Psychology (especially free will and moral responsibility); Experimental Philosophy
Dr. Nahmias' Site
Norgaard, MartinNorgaard, Martin
Cognitive Processes Underlying Improvisation
Dr. Norgaard's Site
PlaceholderOsan, Remus
Mathematics and Statistics
Experimental And Theoretical Approaches Aimed at Understanding the Neural Codes Underlying Sensory Perception and Memory Processes
Dr. Osan's Site
Perera, UnilPerera, Unil
Physics and Astronomy
Condensed Matter; Semiconductor Optoelectonics; Nano Sensors
Dr. Perera's Site
Prasad, SushilPrasad, Sushil
Computer Science
Parallel and Distributed Computing; Systems; Algorithms and Data Structures; Sensor Networks; Discrete Event Simulation
Dr. Sushil's Site
Rehder, VincentRehder, Vincent
Neurobiology and Behavior Group; Cellular; Molecular Biology and Physiology Group; Developmental Neurobiology
Roseberry, Aaron G.Roseberry, Aaron G.
Neurobiology and Behavior Group; Cellular, Molecular Biology and Physiology Group; Neurobiology of Feeding and Food Reward
Scarantino, AndreaScarantino, Andrea
Philosophy of Mind
Shi, HangShi, Hang
Cellular, and Molecular Biology and Physiology Group; Neurobiology and Behavior Group; Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes
Sunderraman, RajSunderraman, Raj
Computer Science
Deductive Databases and Logic Programming; Data Modeling; Knowledge Engineering; Semantic Web; Bioinformatics; Geoinformatics
Dr. Sunderraman's Site
Turner, JessicaTurner, Jessica
Imaging Genetics; Neuroinformatics
Imaging Genetics and Informatics Lab
Tai, PhangTai, Phang
Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry Research Group; Applied and Environmental Microbiology Research Group; Microbial Physiology and Genetics: Protein Export
Van Leeuwen, NeilVan Leeuwen, Neil
Philosophy of Mind and Psychology; Cognitive Science
Walthall, WalterWalthall, Walter
Neurobiology and Behavior Research Group; Cellular, Molecular Biology and Physiology Research Group; Neurobiology and Genetics
Wang, GangliWang, Gangli
Electrochemistry; Nanomaterials; Nanotechnology; Sensors; Energy Storage and Conversion; Water Desalination
Wang Lab
Wang, YinyingWang, Yinying
Social Network Analysis to Study Educational Leadership and Policy
Dr. Wang's Site
Washburn, DavidWashburn, David
Comparative Cognition; Attention and Executive Function; Individual Differences in Training and Decision Making
Language Research Center
Weber, IreneWeber, Irene
Crystallography and Bioinformatics Neurobiology; Molecular Genetics
Dr. Weber's Site
Weeks, MichaelWeeks, Michael
Computer Science
Digital Signal Processing; Embedded Systems; Bioinformatics
Digital Wave Systems Lab
Weiskopf, DanielWeiskopf, Daniel
Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Language
Dr. Weiskopf's Site
Wong, BrettWong, Brett
Kinesiology and Health
Control of the cutaneous vascular response in heat-stressed humans using cutaneous vascular responses to assess microvascular function in disease states
Xue, BingzhongXue, Bingzhong
Regulation of Energy Homeostasis
Yang, FengYang, Feng
Kinesiology and Health
Fall Prevention; Motor Rehabilitation; Biomechanics; Computer Simulation
Yang, JennyYang, Jenny
Protein Design and Engineering; Structural Biology; Molecular Cell And Animal Imaging; Calcium Signaling; Various Biochemical, Biophysical, and Spectroscopy Methods; Cell Biology; Metal Coordination; Bioinformatics
Zhang, YanqingZhang, Yanqing
Computer Science
Computational Intelligence; Data Mining; Machine Learning; Bioinformatics; Health Informatics; Web Intelligence; Swarm Intelligence; Intelligent Distributed Computing
Dr. Zhang's Site
Zhao, YichuanZhao, Yichuan
Mathematics and Statistics
Survival Analysis; Empirical Likelihood Method and Application; Nonparametric Statistics; Bioinformatics; ROC Curve Analysis; Monte Carlo Methods; and Statistical Modeling of Fuzzy Systems
Dr. Zhao's Site
Zhu, YingZhu, Ying
Computer Science
Computer Graphics; Visualization; Human-Computer Interaction; Bioinformatics
Dr. Zhu's Site


Edwards, DonaldEdwards, Donald
Neuroethology; Computational Neuroscience
Edwards Lab


Adjunct Faculty

Katz, PaulKatz, Paul
Electrophysiology; Confocal Imaging; Transcriptomics; Phylogenetics; Gastropod Molluscs
Katz Lab
Weaver, LizWeaver, Liz