Neuroscience BS-MS Dual Degree FAQ

These are a few questions students often ask about the dual degree program. We hope they might answer any questions you may have.

1. Can I apply to the Neuroscience BS-MS Dual Degree program if I’m not a current GSU Neuroscience student?
No, this program is for Georgia State University Neuroscience undergraduate majors. If you are not a GSU student and are interested in earning a Neuroscience BS-MS we encourage you to apply to GSU and declare Neuroscience as your major. Once you have a minimum of 30 credit hours you can apply for the program as long as you meet the program requirements. If you already have a BS degree you may want to consider applying for the Neuroscience doctoral program or the Biology Dept. MS program.

2. Can I apply for just for a Neuroscience MS?
No, we do not offer a standalone Neuroscience MS degree. Our MS degrees are either connected to the Dual Degree Bs-MS or doctoral program.

3. I don’t have a 3.5 GPA. Can I still apply for the program?
No. This program has stringent admissions requirements because undergraduates must take 12 graduate credit hours during their senior year. Students who lack a strong background from their Neuroscience courses are at a disadvantage and may not pass their graduate-level courses.

4. If I have over 90 credit hours can I still apply for the program.
This will depend on what courses you’ve taken. Students in the program need enough time to take three graduate courses (11-12 graduate credit hours) during their senior year. If that is not possible due to the number of credit hours you have you will not be admitted into the program.

5. What grades count for graduate course credit?
To earn credit for all graduate level courses (6000-level an above) taken either as a BS or MS student you must earn a B or higher. B- does not count for graduate credit.

6. If I’m accepted into the Dual Degree program and decide that I don’t want to earn the MS what do I do?
You will need to withdraw from the Dual Degree program by contacting the College of Arts & Sciences and then just complete your undergraduate program requirements.

7. How do I apply for the MS program?
And then click on Neuroscience (MS Dual Degree).
You do not need to take the GRE to apply for the program.