Deadlines for the next Academic Year
The application deadline for the PhD program is on or before December 1st each year.  The deadline for applications to the Stand-Alone MS is February 15th.  Applications for both programs are accepted for starting dates in the Fall semester only.  The GRE exam is not required for admissions consideration to either the MS or PhD programs in Neuroscience.

In addition to the general requirements of the Office of Admissions, the Neuroscience Institute has the following additional requirements:

  • A strong record of coursework and/or experience in a discipline related to the Neurosciences.
  • Students with prior laboratory experience relevant to the Neurosciences will be viewed favorably.

  1. Office of Admissions: Graduate Programs Application
  2. $50 processing fee
  3. Official transcripts (one from each institution attended).
  4. Three letters of recommendation.
  5. International applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. This may be done by taking the TOEFL or IELTS tests.
  6. Statement of Purpose:  Please provide an autobiographical statement that:
    • Summarizes your skills and experiences that are relevant to graduate study in Neuroscience,
    • Lists any publications or presentations,
    • Describes your research and career objectives, and
    • Addresses the fit between your goals and the graduate training offered by the Neuroscience Institute as well as the research programs of the faculty member(s) with whom you would like to work.
  7. Writing Sample: This can include any science-related paper or abstract you've written for a college-level course.
  • The graduate admission process at Georgia State University is managed by the Office of Admissions. General questions regarding the application and admission process should be directed to the Office of Admissions: Graduate Programs.
  • Program specific application requirements and contact information for departmental Graduate Directors can be found on the College of Arts & Sciences Application Requirements & Deadlines page.

If any piece of required information does not reach us by the appropriate deadline, your application may not be considered. Incomplete applications are not returned to the applicant. It is your responsibility to ensure that all material is received by the Office of Graduate Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, by the deadline. You may not be able to control directly when requested transcripts are mailed, thus it is especially important to request such material well in advance of the deadline.
Georgia State University is an equal educational opportunity institution and, as such, students are admitted and treated without regard to race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. The University is in compliance with the regulations for Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The institute expects that graduate students will devote themselves to their studies full time. Accepted Ph.D. students typically receive a stipend and tuition waiver throughout their studies, at a competitive level consistent with their skills and accomplishments. Typically, support involves both research and instructional responsibilities. Students may be eligible to receive funding from the Brains and Behavior Fellow Program.

It is recommended that international applicants provide an objective evaluation of their credentials obtained from a credential evaluation service. You can find a list of all of the approved credential evaluation services by going to and clicking on current members. The College of Arts and Sciences accepts evaluations from any of these services. 

Material on our web sites should answer most questions. If you have questions for the Office of Graduate Studies, call 404-413-5040, 8:00-5:00 p.m., Eastern Time. If you have questions specifically for the Neuroscience Institute, you may email the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Daniel Cox ( or Emily Hardy (, the Graduate Coordinator.