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Mary Holder Conklin

Post Doctoral Associate    

B.S., 2004, Applied Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology (With High Honors)
Ph.D., 2011, Neuroscience, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2011-2014, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Behavioral Neuroscience


Ever since demonstrating that a drug of abuse enhanced female sexual behavior, Dr. Holder has studied the mechanisms by which experiences affect the brain and behavior. This research interest has begun to include the programming effects of immune challenges in critical periods of vulnerability (e.g., fetal and pubertal development). While at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, she examined the effects of an endotoxin on the microglia, the immunoresponsive cells, in the pubertal and adults brains. Holder joined the deVries lab in 2014 to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanism underlying decreases in male social play behavior and vasopressin innervation following prenatal exposure to an endotoxin.


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M.M. Hadjimarkou, R. Benham, J.M. Schwarz, M.K. Holder & J.A. Mong (2008). Estradiol suppresses rapid eye movement sleep and activation of sleep-active neurons in the ventrolateral preoptic area. European Journal of Neuroscience. 27(7). 1780-1792.

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