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Mary Karom

Lab Supervisor    

Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia B.S. 1994 Psychology Cum Laude
University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming 1996-1998 Psychology – Neuroscience


Biological Assays: RIA’s, ELISA, EIA and Protein Assays
Histology: IHC, Autoradiography, In Situ, Tissue Sectioning
Laboratory Methodology and Procedures
Experimental design and Analysis
Laboratory Safety


Mary has 21 years of research experience she began working at GSU in a Behavioral Endocrinology lab upon her graduation using a hamster model studying circadian rhythm and social behaviors such as aggression and mating as a Laboratory Technician for 2 years prior to attending graduate school at the University of Wyoming.

In Wyoming Mary studied in a lab using a Rat model to investigate satiety mechanisms in the brain. She optimized an IHC protocol (c-fos) for rat tissue in that lab. She also worked as a part time Research Assistant for a Professor in the School of Nursing compiling behavioral information for a study on teens with Diabetes. In the second year Mary studied in a Cognitive Neuroscience lab working on her thesis investigating female steroid hormone effects during the menstrual cycle on working memory. She also mentored a McNair Scholar undergraduate working on her thesis. During the summer she worked as a Laboratory Technician in Animal Science doing RIA’s and electrophoresis expanding her skills in the laboratory.

Mary developed her teaching and training skills as a graduate TA in the following classes; Research Methods, Introduction to Psychology, Psychobiology and Physiology Psychology which she also wrote a lab manual. After completing 2 years of course work and a thesis she left Wyoming due to family reasons prior to completing her Master’s defense.

Mary returned to GSU as a Research Coordinator II for 5 years, promoted to a Laboratory Supervisor for 8 years in the same Endocrinology Lab. She managed daily functions of the lab, training technicians, and students, presented posters at SFN and SBN as well as collaborating on experiments in various areas of research. In 2010 Mary began working for the Neuroscience Institute to develop the Neuroscience Core Facility. Core facility website for further information

Mary also serves on GSU Radiation Safety Committee and Neuroscience Research and Facility Committee.


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