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Natalia Maksimchuk

Grad Student    

Natalia joined the Neuroscience Institute in the Summer of 2016. Her current research is focused on the role of TRP channels in neuronal dynamics. She works on the biophysically accurate models of neurons including TRP channels in the temperature-sensitive neurons from the larva of Drosophila Melanogaster. Natalia investigates rest states and oscillatory regimes of activity and relates them to the function of the sensory neurons.

Natalia studied in National technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine. Her research has been focused on the development of sensitive materials, optical and electrochemical sensors and biosensors based on micro- and nanotechnologies. She applied the technology of thin nanocrystalline CeOx films with tunable characteristics to develop effective biosensory transducers of different types (photoresistors and heterojunction photodiodes, ion-selective field-effect transistors, and high-k MOS-varactors). Natalia is interested in interdisciplinary research uniting physics, computational neuroscience, bioinformatics and biomedical engineering.


Journal Publications:

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