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Nicole Peters

Grad Student    

Nicole obtained her B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Psychology from Siena College in upstate NY. Her fascination with behavior and the mechanisms that control it sparked her interest in neuroscience and set her down the path of research. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Neuroscience in the lab of Dr. Geert de Vries by researching the role the gut microbiome and vasopressin play in the control of social behavior throughout development. In addition to lab work and reading about science, she enjoys reading fiction, dancing, yoga, and craft beer.  After graduating, she plans to pursue a postdoc to further her technical skills and research interests.


De Vries G.J., Fields C.T., Peters N.V., Whylings J., and Paul M.J.  Sensitive periods for hormonal programming of the brain.  Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences, 2014.