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Saskia Verkiel

Grad Student    

After a career in ICT, Saskia earned a master’s degree in Physiological Psychology from the Free University in Amsterdam. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Utrecht University, she worked as a research assistant at Delft University of Technology on various projects, including the Ethics of Neuroimaging. Thus having been drawn into the field of neuroethics, she was delighted to be invited to do a PhD in Neuroethics at GSU. Her dissertation will analyse the ethical issues that arise from neuroscientific findings about the gut-brain axis, in particular the findings that provide evidence for effects on human cognition. If common practices that affect our gut microbiome turn out to undermine people’s cognitive faculties, there is a strong reason to change those practices. This interdisciplinary project is at the forefront of the gut-brain axis revolution and the first to look into the ethical implications of the exciting discoveries that are made in the field, not in the least in our own Neuroscience Institute.


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