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Yarely Davila-Vazquez

Grad Student    

Growing up in the small town of Humacao located in the eastern coast of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Yarely never imagined herself living in the city of Atlanta and being part of the Neuroscience Institute family.  Being here has made her realize that there is no better place for a Neuroscience PhD student to be than at GSU! Before coming to GSU, she was awarded her undergraduate degree in Microbiology at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao.  As an undergraduate student Yarely had the opportunity to acquire experience in scientific research and to develop her passion for Neuroscience. The research areas that neuroscience covers and the tremendous number of mechanisms underlying neural system function that are still unknown are future discoveries that she definitely wants to be a part of as a professional scientist.

Yarely’s goal as a Neuroscience graduate student is to focus her research on the development of the visual system. She believes that the visual system is a great model to understand the development of sensory systems more broadly, and could allow us to understand brain development in a more global way.  Her main interest is to understand the important events in retinal development that lead living organisms to develop accurate vision.

Yarely is currently working in the Pallas lab, studying the molecular cues that are involved in matching neuronal populations and how these mechanisms direct developmental plasticity of retinocollicular projections.

Besides science, Yarely enjoys singing, playing the viola, and the Puerto Rican “cuatro”.  She also loves sports, specifically cross country and the Korean Martial Art Kuk Sool Won.


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