Science Education

Recruitment and retention of bright and motivated scholars from diverse groups to become the next generation of neuroscientists is critical to the future of scientific advance. Faculty interests in the area of science education include testing for best practices in design and implementation of research training programs; investigating mechanisms that promote science self-efficacy, science identity, and intentions to persist in science; increasing pre-service and in-service K-12 teacher professional development, including translation of neuroscience discovery into lesson plans; and the role of stewardship / service to the scientific community in career advance. Our training programs, including NET/work and ION facilitate those aims.

Core Faculty

Carruth, LauraCarruth, Laura
Behavioral Neurosicence, Neuroendocrinology, Science Education, Neuroendocrinology and Neuroimmunology
Frantz, KyleFrantz, Kyle
Body/Brain Interactions, Science Education
Normandin, JosephNormandin, Joseph
Behavioral Neurosicence, Science Education

Associate Faculty

PlaceholderGoode, Christopher
Science Education
Wang, YinyingWang, Yinying
Dr. Wang’s Site
Science Education