Cognitive Neuroscience

MRI-for-webThere is a strong group of research labs in the Neuroscience Institute focused on cognition.  This includes neurophilosophy research as well as clinical psychology.  Several research centers support this research including the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging and the Language Research Center.


bhopkins-mediaHopkins, William
Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Language, Evolution of Hemispheric Specialization


Brosnan, SarahPsychology
Economic decision making behavior in primates; social cognition; evolution of behavior; inequity responses; cooperation; social comparison; ‘irrational’ behaviors
Conway, ChristopherPsychology
Cognitive neuroscience of learning and language; atypical language development; event-related brain potentials (ERP); cognitive training
Dhamala, MukeshPhysics and Astonomy
King, TriciaPsychology
Developmental clinical psychology
Kleider-Offutt, Heather, Psychology
Eyewitness memory, false memory and memory suggestibility, face recognition, heuristic recollection processes and stereotyping as it relates to memory error
Latzman, RobertPsychology
Temperament/personality; Cognitive and affective neuroscience, nonhuman primate models of personality and psychopathology; Developmental psychopathology
Scarantino, AndreaPhilosophy
Philosophy of mind
Washburn, DavidPsychology
Cognition as it is manifest across species and individual differences in cognition and performance in humans