Computational and Dynamical Systems

dynamicsThe Neuroscience Institute has a strength in modeling and mathematical approaches to neuroscience. Associate members in Math, Physics, and Computer Science play important roles in this area. The Center for Neuromics supports computational approaches to big data.


gcymbalyuk-mediaCymbalyuk, Gennady
Neural circuits, dynamical systems, central pattern generators
Cymbalyuk Lab
dedwards-mediaEdwards, Donald
Neuroethology, Computational Neuroscience
Edwards Lab
pkatz-mediaKatz, Paul
Evolution of Neural Circuits, Central Pattern Generators, Molluscan Nervous Systems, Transcriptomics
Katz Lab
ashilnikov-mediaShilnikov, Andrey
Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Neuroscience, Bifurcation Theory
Shilnikov Lab


Belykh, IgorMathematics and Statistics
Belkasim, SaeidComputer Science
Bondarenko, Vladimir  – Mathematics and Statistics
Dhamala, MukeshPhysics and Astronomy
Frishkoff, GwenPsychology
Osan, RemusMathematics and Statistics
Perera, UnilPhysics and Astronomy
Prasad, SushilComputer Science
Sunderraman, RajComputer Science
Turner, JessicaPsychology
Weber, IreneBiology
Weeks, MichaelComputer Science