DNA BrainThe Neuroscience Institute has made a major investment in Neurogenomics through a University 2nd Century Initiative. Several faculty were hired and there are special student fellowships in this area. The Center for Neuromics supports research in Neurogenomics. Several labs are using transcriptomics to learn more about how the brain produces behavior. The Neuroscience Institute maintains a BLAST server for projects to share data.


dcox-mediaCox, Daniel
Developmental Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience, Genetics, Neurogenomics, Epigenetics, Drosophila
cderby-mediaDerby, Charles
Sensory Biology, Chemical Senses, Neuroethology
Derby Lab
nforger-mediaForger, Nancy
Neuroendocrinology, Developmental Neurobiology, Sex Differences
de Vries – Forger Lab
bhopkins-mediaHopkins, William
Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Language, Evolution of Hemispheric Specialization
khuhman-mediaHuhman, Kim
Behavioral Neuroscience, Neuroendocrinology
Huhman Lab
pkatz-mediaKatz, Paul
Evolution of Neural Circuits, Central Pattern Generators, Molluscan Nervous Systems, Transcriptomics
Katz Lab
Angela MabbMabb, Angela
Molecular Neuroscience, Neurological Disorders
Mabb Lab
wwilczynski-mediaWilczynski, Walter
Social Neuroscience, Neuroethology, Behavioral Endocrinology


Latzman, RobertPsychology
Temperament/personality; Cognitive and affective neuroscience, nonhuman primate models of personality and psychopathology; Developmental psychopathology
Jessica Turner
William WalthallBiology
Cellular, Molecular Biology and Physiology Research Group Neurobiology and Genetics