Neurophilosophy and Neuroethics

phil-dudes-17j4h1oThe Philosophy Department is home to several neurophilosophers. The Neuroscience PhD program has a concentration in Neuroethics in addition to the Philosophy Department’s MA in Philosophy, which is one of the strongest in the country.

Edmundson, William
Regents Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy
Graham, George
Philosophy of mind; philosophical psychopathology (philosophy and psychiatry)
Nahmias, Eddy
Philosophy of Mind, Psychology, Neuroscience; Moral Psychology (especially free will and moral responsibility); Experimental Philosophy
Rainbolt, George
Ethics; Philosophy of Law; Social/Political Philosophy; Medical Ethics
Scarantino, Andrea
Philosophy of Mind
Van Leeuwen, Neil
Functionalist theories of belief and other cognitive attitudes
Vincent, Nicole
Neurolaw: Neuroethics; Political Philosophy
Weiskopf, Daniel
Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Language