Summer Scholars Program

The B&B Summer Scholars Program provides summer fellowships to selected GSU undergraduates to support their research efforts in faculty laboratories. Call for B&B Scholars goes out to the B&B List Serv April of every year. The Scholars program is happy to announce its partnership with the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) for professional development and poster sessions.

Prospective B&B Scholars are required to:

  • Have a 3.0 GPA or better.
  • Be current GSU undergraduates in good standing.
  • Can not be graduating before the program begins.
  • Be already engaged in research with a B&B faculty member.
  • Have a B&B faculty nomination.
  • B&B Scholars will engage in weekly professional development workshops.

Current B&B Scholars

1. Caleb Truscott (Brosnan Lab)

2. Shruthi Polu (Latzman Lab)

3. Reagan Sapp (Washburn Lab)

4. Gabriella Norton (Laures-Gore Lab)

5. Tanya Pinwale (Tricia King Lab)

6. Myah Vogt (Beran Lab)

7. William Bell (Murphy Lab)

8. Benjamin Anthony (Frantz Lab)

9. Nitheyaa Shree (Pallas Lab)

10. Siddharth Poyapakkam (Cox Lab)

11. Anna Xiao (Schmidt & Derby Lab)

12. Jennifer Lees (Yeng Lab)

13. Abigail Vasquez (Forger Lab)

14. Dawn Jensen (Turner Lab)

2018 Poster Session Program