Undergraduate Program

Neuroscience asks how the brain and body produce our sensations, our thoughts, our behavior and the behavior of other animals.  Neuroscientists address fundamental and health-related questions that affect every aspect of our lives and society. To answer them, Neuroscience bridges the biological, chemical, physical, behavioral and computational sciences, as well as philosophy, engineering, and medicine. Neuroscience is among the fastest growing fields of science and medicine.

The GSU Neuroscience Institute undergraduate programs provide education in nervous system function from genes and molecules to behavior and cognition. Our programs are designed to provide breath in the fundamentals of nervous system function, along with flexibility to explore individual neuroscience interests at the upper level. All of our students engage in original research inside the classroom, and many of our students gain significant research experience outside of the classroom in neuroscience faculty labs. Our programs also emphasizes professional development instruction and practice to ensure our students are ready for neuroscience-related careers, graduate school, and medical school.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Joseph J. Normandin

Undergraduate Academic Coordinator: Lisa Shepard

For more information, take a look through our website, and watch our “Major in a Minute” video below. If you have further questions about becoming a neuroscience major at GSU, or you would like a tour of our department, please contact our Undergraduate Academic Coordinator.

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